A commemoration of beloved player Harold Baines commissioned by the Chicago White Sox. U.S. Cellular Field, Chicago, IL "Sean - Thanks for the great job." -Harold Baines, coach and Hall of Fame former player, Chicago White Sox
Planting the Future
This is a memorial to D.W. Norris, a Wisconsin philanthropist who founded and ran a residential boys' school (now the Norris Adolescent Center). Since shortly after WWI this school has educated, supported and fostered the growth of boys needing some extra help - orphans and kids in trouble in various ways. The board of the Norris Adolescent Center was looking to have a sculpture of their founder created for the property. We provided additional design ideas. This in turn inspired them to create a space that the students would enjoy as a hang-out, with a sculptural group as the centerpiece.
Packers Heritage Plaza
The player is a memorial to early Green Bay Packers hero and Pro Football Hall of Famer Johnny Blood. The child is a recreation of a 1939 photo from Life Magazine depicting the fan walking with player Clarke Hinkle. They are part of the Packers Heritage Plaza. The Packers Heritage Plaza was constructed as part of the Heritage Trail, which highlights how the history of the town and the history of the team are intertwined.
Pat Richter
A commemoration of the former Athletic Director of the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Lambeau Leap Wall
This is a commemoration of the special relationship between the fans of the Green Bay Packers and the team. The players sometimes jump onto the wall in front of the fans after scoring a touchdown. This grouping has an open space in the middle for you to pose as if you are the Lambeau leaper.
Dr. Jeffrey Behrens
A memorial to the doctor who created the sports medicine department of the Sanford Health system.
For the Love of the Children
This figure is part of a group of sculptures displayed in front of the Sanford Health Children's Hospital. The figure group commemorates a donation from Denny Sanford that made construction of the hospital possible. This sculpture is a portrait of the donor's grandson.
A Visionary for the People
I created this design as a finalist in a public art competition. The finalists were asked to design a memorial of former Kentucky Governor Lawrence Wetherby. This maquette depicts elements of both Wetherby's personal life and his public accomplishments. He was a lover of nature and the bench would encourage visitors to sit and contemplate the natural surroundings of the park site.
Commercial & Entertainment
Various projects over the years. Mostly carved in foam.
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