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My artistic journey is based on a love of creating form.  The seed of my artistic life probably began as a small child, when my Grandma and I sculpted props  for her doll houses.  I loved being able to help create a little world with those little sculptures.  Then, during my school years, I took up other 3D arts including building models and learning woodworking, wood carving, stained glass, and etched glass. 

In college, I studied to pursue a career in special effects makeup.  Meanwhile, I began my artistic career as a special effects makeup artist  on college and professional films and college plays. 

It was while working as a makeup artist that I discovered my love of organic sculpting.  To become more involved with sculpting, I freelanced at a number of studios, where I sculpted themed environments, animals, characters, and commercial signage. 

Since then I have specialized in figurative sculpture, acquiring experience as a lead artist on  public art commissions, at the Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Art Studio.  Most of these projects were life size up to monumental.  I also became an expert mold maker while working there.  Around this time I also freelanced at some commercial studios. 

Currently, I am making sculpted embossing dies for EC Schultz and Co.  I sculpt them digitally and they are machined from brass in a CNC machine.  I transitioned the company from hand-sculpting to a digital pipeline.

I continue my artistic journey, currently expanding my digital and design skills.
Selected Clients:

Green Bay Packers
Packers Heritage Trail 
Chicago White Sox
University of Wisconsin Madison
Sanford Health
Norris Adolescent Center
Newport Aquarium
Papa John's Pizza

Selected Intellectual Properties:

Game of Thrones
Star Wars: Battlefront
Justice League
Rankin Bass Frosty
Scooby Doo
Alvin the Chipmunk
DC Comics Collection
Grammy Awards
Chicago Blackhawks
Ninja Scroll
Crimson Peak
Angry Birds
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